US Youth Futsal

U.S. Youth Futsal (USYF) is dedicated to providing the best possible environment to grow the game of futsal, develop great players and provide its leagues with best-in-class services. Our goal is to set the highest of standards, exceeding ever-rising customer expectations.

We needed new technology. We are proud to now offer U.S. Soccer Connect.


"U.S. Soccer Connect is the largest commitment of technology and support resources to any project in American sports history and will improve the soccer experience for everyone in the game. Link U.S. Soccer Connect for more information (

In the summer of 2016, Stack Sports was selected to build the first-ever U.S. Soccer National Data Center (NDC) and U.S. Soccer Connect, an integrated online sports management tool created to support the day-to-day operations of U.S. Soccer Member Organizations and the thousands of affiliated leagues, clubs and referees across the country.

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Stack Sports and leverage the U.S. Soccer Connect platform to benefit USYF's leagues.

Through U.S. Soccer Connect's integrated web and mobile platforms, USYF now will provide its members with a significantly improved streamlined online registration and payments, event, team and roster management, scheduling, communications, video analysis and back office management … and so much more including digital rosters and cards as well as your data with valuable reporting.

Plus, if you have futsal players in your USYF league who are not receiving their FIFA Player ID # from a soccer organization, they will now receive their FIFA player ID # using U.S. Soccer Connect.

Let's start! Here is where you can begin using the many new software features for the USYF 2018/19 season.